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If you don’t know how to use a condom and you just start being intimidated by your girlfriend or your one-night stand, it can be a hell of a problem. Your one-night stand can make her make fun of you with her friends and shame you for that. You need to understand perfect condom sizing and how to use a condom properly to save yourself from this type of shame and embarrassment.

Why condoms are not just a shield against pregnancy:

Condoms are the most important part of sexual health. Some think they’re just a piece of rubber that is used as a pregnancy prevention tool. But as a sex expert who has had fifteen years of experience in this field, I can assure you that they’re more than that. Here are some of the things that condoms do other than provide a pregnancy shield:

  • Pregnancy Blockers: This is the most known use of a condom, which is pregnancy blocking. Condoms block pregnancy almost 96% of the time. But here are some rules. You need to know what type of condoms to use and, of course, how to use them. It is extremely important to have an idea of how to use a condom. I wrote a whole article about how to use a condom.
  • STD Shields: STDs are one of the most common problems in the United States. STDs can occur due to anal sex, oral sex, and many other ways. The condom uses a shield to defend against STDs. STDs can ruin your life by giving you herpes, AIDS, and many other deadly diseases. But again, it is very important to understand which condom to use and how to use it properly.
  • Pleasure Enhancers (believe it or not!): In-sex condoms can be a big factor in your pleasure enhancement. Proper condom sizing and the flavor of it can give a big-time pleasure and enjoyable moment. According to the NIH, 45% of women enjoy condoms more than not using condoms. However for some women, it can be irritating as well. But here, as an expert, I blame condom sizing and not knowing how to use a condom.
  • Easy to Use and Accessible: Condoms are extremely cheap, and they are very accessible. It is not hard to find. You can find condoms in every other store and buy them easily from there. Even though there was a time when people used to feel awkward buying condoms, now, in 2024, it is very normal for society to talk about condoms and sex. No, be sure that no one will judge you for that.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Condom Sizing 101

Not using a proper condom and not having any idea about condom sizing can affect your relationship in bed. You can be in a really awkward situation, and not just that, you can also be shamed for doing it. Anyway, here are some tips for proper condom sizing:

  1. Measure Up:Grab a tape measure and find the circumference of your erect penis at its midpoint.
  2. Check the chart: Condom packages typically have a sizing chart. Generally, a width of 36–40 mm falls under “snug fit,” 41–46 mm under “standard fit,” and 47–52 mm under “magnum fit.”
  3. Don’t use a loose or big condom. Know about your penis size and have an idea of how long or short your condom should be. Don’t just use a big condom for the sake of using it.
  4. Try to use different types of condoms. Sex is just trying different experiments with your partner. You should use different types of condoms with your partner to spice up your sexual life.

Condom Sense in Action: How to Use a Condom

Now that you’ve got the right size, let’s conquer the condom application. Remember, a few extra seconds can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

  1. Open with Care:Use your fingers to tear open the foil packet carefully. No scissors or teeth! It can be your whole reason for using a condom. In other words, you can be a dad, but maybe you don’t want to because, from my understanding, you are using a condom just to avoid being a father.
  2. Pinch the Tip:Before unrolling, pinch the tip to create a small air pocket. This helps prevent air bubbles that could lead to breakage. Just to make everything fine.
  3. Unroll It Right:While your penis is erect, place the rolled condom on the tip. Unroll it down the entire length, making sure it covers the base.
  4. Smooth Operator:Gently smooth out any air bubbles trapped inside.
  5. Hold on tight: After ejaculation, but before withdrawal, hold the rim of the condom firmly to prevent it from slipping off.
  6. Dispose Discreetly:Carefully remove the condom and tie a knot at the base to prevent leakage. Throw it away in a trash can, not in the toilet.

Condom Sense: Your Ticket to a Fulfilling Sex Life

Having a condom sense and knowing how to use a condom is extremely important in your bedroom. I have a history. Once in my college dorm, I took a girl into my room whom I really liked. She liked me too. When things got heated and I put on my condom, she just moved me away and told me it wasn’t the flavor she wanted and she wanted to just do oral sex. It was so awkward for me. I felt like I embarrassed myself.

It is also important to have an idea about how to use a condom. Not knowing that can really ruin your performance in bed and your whole persona in front of that person. You don’t want to do that, of course.

I know a lot of guys who got ghosted by girls because they don’t have any idea about proper condom sense or how to use a condom. So it is extremely important to know how to use a condom and to have proper condom sense.

By prioritizing condom sense, you’re not just protecting yourself and your partner; you’re opening the door to a more fulfilling and worry-free sexual life. Remember, condoms are a sign of respect, responsibility, and, ultimately, a desire for a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. So, play it safe, not sorry, and master your condom basics!

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